Jan 30, 2012

A french pantyhose blog

Here's a classy french blog that exist since many years. Daily uploads, except on weekends…and, there is no need to be fluent in french…


Some sketches

It's a hot day, one of the rare moments when Luna regrets wearing pantyhose...

Working on a illustrated story

I love stories about anything with pantyhose.

Yes, I like those nice pictures of all kinds of girls wearing pantyhose that circulate the net, but there is something missing.

So…a while ago I started to work on Just A Piece Of Fabric, a graphic novel, inspired by my friend Maria. 

The idea came up when Maria told me how she had a fight with another girl. She gave me a graphic description of the story, how they ended up rolling on the floor and how she finally made her opponent give in.

What caught my attention was when she said" …and I didn't even have a run in my pantyhose "...So I imagined the two women wrestling on the floor, their skirts eventually revealing their pantyhose clad legs…and thought “this must definitely be a scene that takes place in my new story:”

Luna, a woman in her thirties, is traveling with her lover Max. She suspects Max of having some kind of nylon fetish and begins to question him in depth. During the long car ride, they talk at great lengths about pantyhose and catfight fetish at which point she divulges her own surprising stories.

We're almost through with the drawings, 95% of the work is done. It's detail work now, corrections etc.

Just A Piece Of Fabric, 48 Pages

Meanwhile I will post some sketches to document the work in progress.