Feb 25, 2012

Aerobic Dress

I know, this doesn't reflect reality, girls nowadays rarely wear leotards and pantyhose to work out. It's out.
Anyway, there was this one aerobic class. The teacher was a muscular woman with a tough look. She could have been a model for a socialist propaganda painting. A bit on the heavy side, she certainly didn't look like the slender aerobic teachers we saw on TV in the 90s. She made us suffer although we were all in pretty good shape. Out teacher had something irritating. Nobody really liked her. It had something to do with the fact that she never smiled, her face was void of expression. 
Her attire was a black leotard and black thick tights and sneakers.
One day she showed up in beige housewife pantyhose with two seams below her leotard line. It was strange. One girl made a remark. I thought it was quite strange as well. The only explanation I could imagine was that she forgot part of her outfit and simply arrived with the pantyhose she was already wearing.
I hate to admit it, but after this …. I liked her even a bit more.

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